Private Sector Clients

CreekBridge Homes
DKB Homes
Fargo Industries
Forest Lodge Associates
Frisone Management Co.
Gallo Farms
Heritage Homes
Income Properties
John King
Monterey Resources Group
Monterey Development Group
NESTech Management Group, Inc.
Neuville Company
New Cities Development Group
Pacific States Capital Corporation, Inc.
San Bernabe Vineyards
Sand City Development Corporation
Security National Guaranty, Inc.
Shaw Development
Southwest Holdings, Ltd.
Tharaldson Development Company

Aaron Johnson
Bickle, Call and Martin
Fenton & Keller
John Murphy
Kennedy, Archer & Harray
Law Offices of Russel A. Newman
Lozano Smith

Bellinger & Foster, Landscape Architects
Congelton Architects, AIA
David Elliot, Architect
Don Wald & Associates
Fletcher + Hardoin Architects
Kaplan, McLaughlin, Diaz
Kasavan Architects
Kenchiku Associates
KSA, Architects
Shaw Architecture Planning
The Beals Group, Landscape Architects