EMC Planning Group Receives Award of Excellence

(From left to right) Kristina Chavez Wyatt (Farmhouse Communications), Ron Sissem and Michael Groves (EMC Planning Group), Ray Corpus (City Manager-City of Salinas), Peter Kasavan (Salinas Planning and Research Corporation), Doug Svensson (Applied Development Economics), Doug Yount (Project Manager-City of Salinas)

EMC Planning Group is proud to announce it has been honored with an Award of Excellence from the American Planning Association (APA) California Chapter Northern Section for its work on the new City of Salinas Economic Development Element (EDE). An economic development strategy to achieve a vision of a united and sustained economic prosperity for Salinas, the EDE is to be incorporated as an element of the City’s General Plan.

The EDE was prepared by EMC Planning Group and a team of technical subconsultants in collaboration with the City of Salinas. More importantly, the EDE content was substantially influenced by input generated through a community outreach process whose extent was unprecedented in the City’s history. The more traditional EDE economic development strategies address: land use, circulation, and infrastructure; retail, entertainment, and tourism; job opportunities; workforce development; and neighborhood and commercial areas. The EDE is unique for its inclusion of strategies to improve quality of life through improved safety and health. EMC Planning Group was assisted by Building Healthy Communities for this component of the element. Improved quality of life is seen as a fundamental component of improving community prosperity and attracting economic development investment.

The EDE contains policies and specific actions for implementing policies. It also includes a five-year action plan and a monitoring and evaluation program to track implementation progress. To move its economic development agenda forward, the City is integrating the costs of short term EDE actions into its priority based budgeting process. 

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Monterey County Jail Addition EIR, City of Salinas

EMC Planning Group prepared this EIR for the County of Monterey for an addition to the existing county jail. The proposed project involves new building construction and expansion of the existing Monterey County Adult Detention Facility to accommodate 576 additional beds and associated program space for inmates housed in the detention facility. This project will increase the bed capacity from 825 to 1,401 beds. The addition will be constructed at the southwest corner of the existing detention facility property on a portion of the existing staff parking lot and a fenced grassy area and will consist of two adjacent buildings. The main building would be a 50-foot tall, stacked structure with housing units that have cells on the main floor and on a tier level. Additional program and support areas would be located on the main floor. A second smaller, single-level building located south of the main structure will be designated for administrative purposes. The two buildings will be connected via a secured corridor to an existing sallyport within the existing jail. The analysis in the EIR focused on the following issues: traffic, parking, potential impacts to nesting birds, construction noise, cultural resources, storm water quantity and quality, water, and wastewater.

Monterey County New Juvenile Hall Initial Study/MND,
City of Salinas

EMC Planning Group assisted the County of Monterey with CEQA compliance to replace the existing 114-bed Juvenile Detention Facility located at 1420 Natividad Road in Salinas, with a new 120-bed facility at the same location. The project will be implemented in phases, as the existing facility will need to continue to operate during the construction period. The initial study addressed the following environmental issues: potential impacts to nesting birds, construction noise, cultural resources, storm water quantity and quality, water, and wastewater.

City of Pacific Grove Local Coastal Program Update

EMC Planning Group is currently working with the City of Pacific Grove and the California Coastal Commission on updates to the City’s certified Local Coastal Program. The work includes engaging with the Coastal Commission staff to obtain early review and acceptance of the Local Coastal Program update; conducting technical research and preparing a background report to identify information that needs updating and ensure consistency with existing policy documents; preparing a focused coastal zone Land Use Plan update which will reflect City land use goals; preparing an Implementation Plan which will serve as a Coastal Zoning Ordinance; and engaging the community through several techniques, including community workshops.

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