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David Craft Joins EMC Planning Group as Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Specialist/Senior Planner

January 2021—Monterey, CA.

EMC Planning Group is proud to announce David Bellenger has joined its team. Mr. Craft joined the firm in 2020. He is responsible for air quality and greenhouse gas emissions analysis, preparing health risk assessments, and assisting with preparation of initial studies and environmental impact reports in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

His previous work experience includes working as an engineer/planner for the Monterey Bay Air Resources District (MBARD) for more than 30 years, where he was responsible for reviewing and issuing air pollution permits for all types of emission sources for the district and preparing CEQA documents. Mr. Craft developed policies and procedures for facilities within the MBARD to help them comply with emission inventory reporting requirements associated with the toxic, criteria pollutant, and greenhouse gas emission inventory reporting programs. Also, while working for MBARD, he managed Placer County APCD’s Toxic Emission Inventory and Risk Assessment Program.

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