Gilroy 2040 General Plan EIR

EMC Planning Group prepared an EIR for the Gilroy 2040 General Plan. The 2040 General Plan retains the existing Urban Growth Boundary, approved by initiative in 2016 by the voters in Gilroy, with the purpose of protecting the unique character of Gilroy and the agriculture and open space character of the surrounding areas. The development potential includes up to 6,477 new housing units (single-family and multi-family), an additional population of 19,756, and 21,434 new jobs. This development potential could be reached assuming all under-utilized land is redeveloped and vacant land is developed, all consistent with the land use designations in the proposed Gilroy 2040 General Plan Land Use Diagram. The EIR addressed the following environmental issues: aesthetics, loss of important farmland, air quality, sensitive biological resources, historic and unique archaeological resources, energy resources, geologic hazards, greenhouse gas emissions, hydrology and water quality, noise public services, transportation (LOS and VMT), Utilities, and Wildfire.