Malech Road Water Supply Improvements CEQA Compliance

EMC Planning Group assisted the County of Santa Clara with CEQA. Deliverables included an initial study, mitigated negative declaration, biological assessment, cultural resources assessment, wetland assessment and delineation, trustee and responsible agency permit applications, and mitigation monitoring and reporting. The project included installation of a water pipeline, pump, and associated appurtenances to supply domestic and fire water to the Mariposa Lodge Alcohol Treatment Facility, the House on the Hill, and the Sheriff’s Firing Range, located south of the city of San Jose. Roadway improvements to the Sheriff’s Firing Range were also part of the project. Major areas of concern included historic and pre-historic resources, sensitive habitats (wetland, serpentine grassland) and special status plant and animal species (bent-flowered fiddleneck, big-scale balsamroot, Congdon’s tarplant, Coyote ceanothus, fragrant fritillary, Metcalf Canyon jewel flower, most beautiful jewel flower, Mt. Hamilton thistle, robust monardella, round-leaved filaree, Santa Clara red ribbons, Santa Clara Valley dudleya, showy golden madia, smooth lessingia, and Tiburon Indian paintbrush, bay checkerspot butterfly, Opler’s longhorn moth, American badger, burrowing owl, California red-legged frog, California tiger salamander, San Joaquin kit fox, and western pond turtle).

EMC Planning Group also assisted with the permitting process from various resource agencies: Section 401 permit (Regional Water Quality Control Board), Section 404 nationwide permit (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers), streambed alteration agreement (California Department of Fish and Game), Section 7 consultation (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service), and an encroachment permit (Santa Clara Valley Water District).

Finally, the firm also conducted mitigation implementation and monitoring for biological and cultural resources. Pre-construction wildlife surveys were conducted for several special-status species with potential to occur in the vicinity of Malech Road, located south of San Jose in unincorporated Santa Clara County. Target species included burrowing owl, American badger, western pond turtle, California red-legged frog, Bay checkerspot butterfly, and California tiger salamander. Additionally, as the project was initiated during the nesting bird season, a nesting bird survey was performed. Worker environmental awareness training was conducted regularly for all construction crew members. Biological and cultural resource monitoring and reporting were conducted throughout the project construction period for all ground disturbance activities in compliance with project conditions of approval/mitigation measures and applicable regulatory agency permits.