City of Monterey Local Coastal Program

EMC Planning Group is currently working with the City of Monterey to update and consolidate the City's existing land use plans, prepare a coastal implementation plan, and attain local coastal program certification so that the City of Monterey can obtain regulatory authority to issue permits within the coastal zone.

Back in the 1980s, the city divided its coastal planning area into five subareas – Cannery Row, Harbor, Del Monte Beach, Skyline and Laguna Grande. Land use plans were prepared for these areas and but ultimately only four of the five land use plans were certified by the Coastal Commission. The land use plan for the Laguna Grande subarea was never certified, and an implementation plan was never prepared. EMC Planning Group's primary tasks are to facilitate public outreach and public workshops, prepare a single land use plan that consolidates all five subareas, prepare an implementation plan, and provide support to city staff through the adoption and certification of a local coastal program. The local coastal program considers the unique challenges that climate change poses for the community and coastal resource protection. EMC Planning Group has retained Revell Coastal to assist with an assessment of sea level rise, coastal hazard vulnerability, and adaptation strategies.

It is expected that the city’s local coastal program will presented to the Coastal Commission for certification in Spring 2017.