Salinas Economic Development Element

EMC Planning Group, in coordination with Salinas Planning and Research Corporation and the City of Salinas, prepared an economic development element for integration into the City’s general plan. EMC Planning Group led a team of interdisciplinary consultants including economic development, public outreach, and urban design specialists. The primary components of the process included economic development visioning, an extensive public outreach effort, analysis of existing and future development market conditions, evaluation of opportunities and constraints (planning, policy, natural resources, environmental), preparation of an economic development vision map, and preparation of the economic development element. The economic development vision focuses on safety, jobs, and health. The economic development strategy will guide the City’s future economic development efforts and land use decisions, with the end goal of promoting business retention and creation, generating employment opportunities, facilitating workforce development, and enhancing quality of life for the City’s residents. The document is currently a public draft, and has yet to go through the process to be adopted by the City.