Fairview Corners Residential Development
and Design Standards

EMC Planning Group prepared development and design standards for residential development and potential complementary supporting uses, such as neighborhood retail. The Fairview Corners Residential Specific Plan Area is a planned residential community in San Benito County that allows up to 220 residential units and provides the opportunity for a wide range of housing types, including secondary units, multifamily, and affordable housing. The Specific Plan establishes the design parameters for development within the Plan Area. The Specific Plan also establishes the development standards for the Fairview Corners–Specific Plan (FVC–SP) zoning district.

The Specific Plan envisions a diverse planned residential community with a variety of lot sizes and housing choices. Lots may vary from 4,000 square feet up to several acres. Housing may vary from apartments and small lot cluster homes to single-family ranchettes. To further diversify housing choices within the Plan Area, accessory dwelling units are allowed on most lots, with the allowable size of the units increasing with the lot size. The proposed variety of lot sizes and square footage is intended to provide a range of housing opportunities to meet the needs of a wide array of households, including students, faculty, and campus employees of the future adjacent Gavilan College San Benito Campus, as well as San Benito County community members and the general public.

A variety of typical residential non-habitable accessory uses are allowed. Complementary uses, such as neighborhood commercial, may be developed in limited areas. In recognition of the rural character of some of the adjacent areas, farm animals are allowed on lots of 2.5-acres or more. Limited commercial agricultural uses may be conditionally allowed.

Green and sustainable designs will be incorporated into the development of the Plan Area. The Specific Plan includes green building design guidelines, which are meant to function as guiding framework for development of the Plan Area. The master developer and/or the individual neighborhood developer(s) of each phase of development will work with County staff in developing and implementing these, and other, feasible guidelines for sustainable development within the Plan Area. Policies meeting specific U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) criteria are also included.