Marina Station Specific Plan

EMC Planning Group prepared the Marina Station Specific Plan for CreekBridge Homes. The Specific Plan provides for the foundation for the development of approximately 320 acres located along the southern portion of Armstrong Ranch within the City of Marina. Undeveloped grazing lands border the Plan area to the north and east and existing city development borders the Plan area to the south and west. State Route 1 runs along the western boundary of the Plan area’s “panhandle”.

The vision for the Specific Plan is to create a community that achieves the following goals:

  • Housing for citizens of all economic levels, ages and lifestyles;

  • Balance of jobs and housing that would provide opportunities to both live and work in Marina;

  • A community in which housing, shops, businesses, and community facilities are within easy walking distance of each other, thereby reducing traffic congestion, noise, excessive energy consumption, and air pollution;

  • A community that is visually distinguishable from other communities, with a sense of place and identity for its residents;

  • Centers that bring together commercial, civic, cultural and recreational uses and serve as a focus for community life; and

  • Opportunities for outdoor recreation.

The Specific Plan provides for a residential development capacity of 1,360 dwelling units, 60,000 square feet of commercial retail, 143,808 square feet of office space, and 651,624 square feet of industrial uses. Of the 1,360 residential units, 822 are single-family units and 538 are multi-family units. Uses include low, medium, and high-density residential, commercial, office, industrial, parks, and conservation/open space for wildlife conservation and passive recreation.

Key plan and project level issues included circulation, wastewater treatment, water supply and treatment, air quality, noise, and agricultural and biological resources.

The Marina Station Specific Plan was adopted by the Marina City Council in March 2008.