Paraiso Springs Resort EIR

EMC Planning Group prepared an EIR evaluating a proposed 235-acre resort in southern Monterey County, west of the cities of Soledad and Gonzales, in the foothills of the Santa Lucia mountains. The proposed project includes an “after the fact” demolition permit for removing nine historic cottages; a combined development permit consisting of a general development plan to allow the phased redevelopment of a resort; a use permit for 77 timeshare units; a vesting tentative map for 60 airspace condominium units; a standard subdivision to merge and subdivide 235 acres into 23 lots; a use permit to remove 185 protected oak trees; and a use permit to develop on slopes in excess of 30 percent. The environmental issues addressed in the EIR include visual impacts; air quality; sensitive biological resources, including the removal of protected oak trees; demolition of historic resources; archaeological resources; greenhouse gas emissions; surface and groundwater quality impacts; noise; traffic impacts; water demand; and wastewater generation.