Real Estate Land Use Feasiblity

EMC Planning Group works with property owners, perspective property purchasers, and those that sell property, on real property matters that include purchase, sale and leasing of land, helping the client understand the feasibility of their goals, and obtaining land use entitlements for real property. Feasibility assessments usually result in a letter or report, depending on the level of information needed, on the possible use of the property in comparison to the client’s ideas or goals for the property. The land use entitlements could include, but are not limited to, obtaining certificates of compliance, lot line adjustments, minor and major subdivisions, site planning, use permits, and coastal permits.

Our typical real estate and land use services include, but are not limited to:

  • Opportunity and constraints analysis

  • Basic land use/zoning/environmental feasibility

  • Opportunity and constraints analysis

  • Buildable area analysis

  • Site yield and density studies

  • Master planning

  • Conceptual plans or site plans

  • Subdivision and lotting plans

  • Entitlement processing

  • Partition actions/court proceedings to resolve fundamental disputes between owners of real property. Often time’s real estate title and appraisal, property and leasehold valuation, or land valuation, with the assistance of associated professionals, is a part of this service

  • Negotiation of agricultural conservation easements, Williamson Act exchange, leases and contracts

EMC Planning Group works with various other professionals, including engineers, surveyors, attorneys, appraisers, and title experts to reach our clients’ goals.