Land and Property Estate Partitions

EMC Planning Group works with individual property owners to partition or divide existing property to create additional lots or parcels, or to create legal validation of an existing lot. EMC Planning Group can create partitions of estate properties, including agricultural properties, such as ranches and farmland, when co-ownership or joint ownership of real estate no longer meets the goals of the property owners. EMC Planning Group can assist owners with land divisions of any size. The most important service we can offer in a partition or land division is to respond to and satisfy the owner’s goals. Validating existing lots through a “certificate of compliance” process with the local jurisdiction is often a good way to start a partition or land division process.

The following components are used in analyzing a partition or division of property:

EMC Planning Group conducts a meeting and interview with the property owner(s) to determine important facts about the property. EMC Planning Group then conducts a site visit/investigation to evaluate and validate existing conditions, examine physical conditions and characteristics (access, site constraints, utilities and services etc.) and prepare photo documentation that will be used to assist with the land use assessment and analysis process.

During research and development, EMC Planning Group collects data, meets with the local jurisdiction to discuss the property and conducts a review of available legal documentation (APN’s, legal lots of record, recorded easements and leases, mineral and water rights, etc.), zoning and land uses relevant to the property. These components are used to assess and analyze the existing/current property for partition or division. EMC Planning Group then coordinates the title work, appraisal and engineering, if needed. EMC Planning Group notifies the owner(s) of any red flags discovered or important aspects of the property, such as legality of lots, easements, and physical or zoning constraints.

EMC Planning Group compiles a series of map overlays utilizing GIS and ACAD computer software representing each, or a combination of, the components used to assess and analyze the property for partition or division. Considering the goals of the owners, the value of the property and possible changes in those values or highest and best uses, various partition or division scenarios are prepared and analyzed. Based on additional feedback, a final recommendation and associated maps are prepared for initial application submittal.