Emily Malkauskas - Assistant Biologist

Ms. Malkauskas joined the firm in 2017 and has been working in the field of biology since 2014. She specializes in biological reconnaissance field surveys; focused special-status wildlife and plant surveys; nesting bird surveys; habitat assessments; riparian resource management; regulatory agency permitting; environmental awareness training; and biological compliance monitoring. She analyzes project impacts to biological resources, develops mitigation measures to avoid/minimize such impacts, prepares detailed technical reports, and assists with project management tasks.

Prior to joining EMC Planning Group, Ms. Malkauskas conducted fieldwork in coastal and central California while employed as a research technician at a private consulting firm and as a biologist at the Santa Clara Valley Water District. In these positions, she conducted field surveys for special-status species, including California tiger salamander, California red-legged frog, western burrowing owl, steelhead trout, Ridgway’s rail, and various avian species. She provided extensive environmental compliance monitoring and prepared reports in support of several projects.