Ande Flower, AICP, MUP - Principal Planner

Mr. Flower joined EMC Planning Group in 2021, and has been working in the planning field since 2005. His professional experience includes project management in the municipal and private sectors. Ande is skilled in the analysis of complex development requests, ordinance updates, and the delivery of compelling presentations to Commissions, City Council, agencies, the business community, and residents. 

Prior to joining the company, Ande was a planner for the cities of Monterey, CA and Lake Forest Park, WA where he gained extensive hands-on experience in processing review for mixed-use housing developments. In each City, reviews resulted in well-regarded design with evolved community support.

While working with the City of Monterey, he created opportunities for affordable housing in Monterey with new Overlay districts, access to water through advocacy, and relationship-building with developers and community leaders. During his tenure at City of Lake Forest Park, he managed both long range and current planning activities to effectively encourage infill development proposals while respecting ecological habitat. In the private sector of Seattle (MAKERS), Ande spearheaded creation of objective design standards for Vancouver, WA.