Sally Rideout, EMPA - Principal Planner

Ms. Rideout joined EMC Planning Group in October 2006, and is a project manager who also prepares environmental and public policy documents, regulatory plans, and ordinances. Prior to joining the company, Sally was a planner for the City of Pacific Grove, California.

With fifteen years of municipal and private sector planning and project management experience, Ms. Rideout has successfully coordinated CEQA and NEPA review and documentation for numerous projects and programs in the coastal zone, historic resources and capital improvements projects. Ms. Rideout is experienced in providing senior staff support to public agency commissions, boards and committees. She prepares, reviews and presents staff reports, findings and conditions of approval, prepares and manages agendas and meeting minutes, and performed administrative oversight and management duties as Acting Community Development Director during her tenure at the City of Pacific Grove.

With EMC Planning Group, Ms. Rideout prepares and manages CEQA and NEPA documentation for a range of large and small planning projects including public facility construction, subdivisions, public works management plans and programs, site acquisition, and public infrastructure projects. Her responsibilities include preparing and monitoring budgets and schedules, coordinating team members and subconsultants, municipal planning assistance, document preparation, editing, and representation at public meetings. Ms. Rideout manages projects and represents many of the firm’s public sector clients including the Monterey Regional Waste Management District, the County of Monterey Department of Public Works, and others in the City and County of San Francisco, San Benito County, Santa Clara County, Merced County and Santa Cruz County.

Sally enjoys traveling, reading spending time with friends, working in her garden, playing with her dogs, painting, sculpting and “the blues”.

"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler."
Albert Einstein