As part of its land use planning services, EMC Planning Group offers a wide range of design services that focus on sustainable planning. EMC Planning Group’s planning efforts are centered around “Design with Nature” in mind by integrating the built environment in a sensitive manner with the natural environment and looking for opportunities to promote preservation.

EMC Planning Group has performed design work throughout California and the United States. Our firm’s lead designer has worked on design projects in California, as well as the East Coast. Clients include private property owners and developers, land use attorneys, real estate professionals, as well as cities, counties, and special districts. EMC Planning Group has design expertise and experience in the following areas:

  • Opportunity and constraints analysis
  • Buildable area analysis
  • Site yield and density studies
  • Conceptual land use and site plan
  • Subdivision and lotting plans
  • Circulation and mobility planning
  • Entry and signage plans
  • Design standards and guidelines
  • Open space, preservation, and park plans

EMC Planning Group uses Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator to generate graphics for our clients. In addition, AutoCAD and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software is used for the production of land use plans, subdivision layouts, circulation plans, and drawings.