Community Planning

EMC Planning Group prides itself on preparing land use and other planning products that are forward thinking, practical and implementable, sensitive to environmental sustainability, and meet the needs of the communities they are intended to benefit.  These key elements are highly interrelated, and achieving a balance between them is important and challenging.  EMC Planning Group brings rich insight to the table in working with local and regional governments, special districts, and the private sector development community in facilitating plans that achieve such balance.

The firm’s expertise in natural and built-environment urban design, pragmatic and functional understanding of development finance and challenges involved in plan implementation, and the practical ability to identify and elicit input on needs and desires of communities and clients assures that we deliver products that meet the challenges of planning for the future in a currently complex environment.

EMC Planning Group recognizes that the “best laid plan” is only as good as its financial feasibility and the implementation clarity it provides to all stakeholders involved.  We encourage early evaluation of financial and market feasibility as a factor in the land use, infrastructure, and community benefits planning process.  EMC Planning Group also places great emphasis on the implementation of the development permitting process by thoroughly identifying the processes and actions necessary, responsibilities, and timing.  As a result, agencies and the development community can work together seamlessly to consider, process, and implement projects because the expectations for all involved parties are well defined.  This also promotes efficiency and reduces costs for all parties.

Land Use Planning

  • General Plans
  • Community Plans
  • Area Plans and Precise Plans
  • Specific Plans
  • Local Coastal Plans 
  • Master Plans
  • Zoning Codes
The firm was also nationally recognized by the American Planning Association (APA) for its leadership in preparing the Fort Ord Reuse Plan, the largest U.S. military base closure in the country and identified by then President Bill Clinton as the national model for base closures. 

Economic Development Planning

  • Economic Development Strategies and Elements 
  • Downtown Revitalization Strategies and Plans (e.g., Vibrancy Plans)

Sustainable Land Use Design

  • Real Estate Land Use Feasibility
  • Residential, Commercial, Mixed-use, Industrial and Open Space Sustainable Land Development Planning
  • Design Guidelines/Objective Development Standards
  • Land and Property Estate Partitions

Planning Development Process Facilitation

Public participation in public planning processes is fundamental to creating planning and development design outcomes that are stable and that meet the needs of communities. EMC Planning Group has conducted numerous public outreach programs and facilitated a variety of planning processes. The goal of these activities is always to ensure that all stakeholders who have an interest in planning and development outcomes are given a chance to meaningfully contribute to the outcomes.

Graphic and Visual Communication

As a solution to conveying complex information and concepts, EMC Planning Group often utilizes tools like AutoCAD and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

  • AutoCAD
    Our experienced staff members are able to employ software like AutoCAD to create visual representations of site specific planning concepts in order to make changes quickly and interface with other professionals.

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
    Geographic Information Systems (GIS) integrates spatial data for geographic analysis, providing information in an easily accessible and usable format. We use GIS to manage growth, plan future development, understand alternative design schemes and solve complex problems.


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