EMC Planning Group assists property owners, prospective property buyers, and real estate professionals, on matters that include the purchase, sale, and leasing of land. Our firm helps the client understand land use feasibility and assists with obtaining land use entitlements. Feasibility assessments typically result in the generation of a letter or a report on possible use and development yield of the property. Results depend on the level of information needed, Feasibility studies often assist land owners and real estate professionals with the process of selling a property.

Land use entitlements may include, but are not limited to, obtaining certificates of compliance, lot line adjustments, minor and major subdivisions, site planning, use permits, and coastal permits. EMC Planning Group works with various professionals such as engineers, surveyors, attorneys, appraisers, and title experts, to assist clients with entitlement issues.

Land Use Services

  • Basic land use/zoning/environmental feasibility
  • Opportunity and constraints analysis
  • Site yield and density studies
  • Master planning
  • Conceptual plans or site plans
  • Subdivision and lotting plans
  • Entitlement processing
  • Partition actions/court proceedings to resolve fundamental disputes between owners of real property
    (Real estate title and appraisal, property and leasehold valuation, or land valuation, with the assistance of professionals, is often part of the service)
  • CEQA and NEPA compliance
  • Condition and mitigation monitoring
  • Assistance with the selection of sites suitable for development
  • Application processing, schedule monitoring, project management, Permit Streamlining Act compliance
  • Preparation of resolutions and conditions of approval
  • Representation in meetings with agencies, applicants, tribes, and other outside parties
  • Preparation of agenda packets, including staff reports, and findings



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